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Ethereum launches new “Holešky” testnet allocating 1.6 billion ETH to developers

Ethereum developers on September 15 they started a new testnet. Call “Holesky”The network will be used for the following purposes: Staking, infrastructure and protocol development. Sepolia will continue to be the dominant network in application development. Hello Holesky, new Ethereum testnet Read the details below#cryptonews #ETH — Amy Kols [...]

Ripple acquires Fortress Trust and expands licensing portfolio in the United States

According to the announcement dated September 8; Fluctuationfinancial technology company expanding Regulatory licensing portfolio in the United States With the acquisition of Fortress Trust. Fortress Trust provides regulatory and technology infrastructure for blockchain organizations. The company is licensed Nevada Trust this allows it to store financial assets. This acquisition adds [...]

Representative Tom Emmer proposes amendment that would limit SEC oversight of cryptocurrencies

United States Representative on September 8 Tom EmmerThe Majority Leader of the US House of Representatives – who has previously expressed concerns about the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) actions towards the crypto industry – He sponsored an appropriations amendment that limits the funds the SEC uses to oversee digital assets. [...]