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Société Générale issues its first green bond on Ethereum

Société Générale, the third largest French bank, announced that it has issued its first digital green bond as a security token on the public Ethereum blockchain. Bond registered by Forge, a subsidiary of Société Générale, was delivered people On November 30th.
The value of the bond is 10 million euros and its maturity is 3 years. “Green” status means that the net proceeds will be used to finance or refinance products and companies classified in the green eligible assets category.
The bond’s digital infrastructure provides 24/7 open access to carbon footprint data through the bond’s smart contract. By bank:

“This allows issuers and investors to measure their securities’ carbon emissions from the financial infrastructure.”

Another innovation in the bond is the technical option for investors to exchange securities on-chain via EUR CoinVertible, a euro-pegged stablecoin issued by Forge in April 2023. With this option, Société Générale aims to anticipate the upcoming wave of bonds to be issued by the central bank. digital currencies (CBDC):

“While Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) solutions are in the testing phase, this panel of exchange methods demonstrates SG-FORGE’s great capabilities in providing a comprehensive on-chain services scheme.”

As it is known, Société Générale is actively interested in the crypto industry. euro bonds on the Ethereum blockchain and Security token on the Tezos blockchainIn addition to offering loans on Dai stablecoins (COME ON) In exchange for bond tokens. As of July 2023, Forge first company Obtaining the highest access license for crypto services in France.

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