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A UN agency plans to train thousands of its employees on blockchain technology

A United Nations agency tasked with helping countries eliminate poverty says struggling states are “Sustainable Development“.

According to the statement made on November 30, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) entered into a partnership with the Algorand Foundation to launch a blockchain-focused academy in 2024.

UNDP’s 22,000 staff in 170 countries will be involved in the academy and will train them on distributed ledgers and blockchain; including how this technology can be used to improve financial inclusion, supply chain transparency, tokenization of real assets, and much more.

During the Algorand Impact Summit in New Delhi, UNDP alternative finance and low-carbon development expert Robert Pasicko said the partnership will enable the organization to:Update, empower and inspire UN staff around the world“.

The study program will include lectures, workshops and practical assignments. According to Pasicko “It is essential to equip our team with the tools needed to tackle complex global challenges using blockchain technology.

Doro Unger-Lee, head of education and engagement at the Algorand Foundation, said education “A critical first step towards identifying and realizing applicable use cases in the blockchain space to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in many areas.

Algorand is a Layer-1 blockchain that provides secure, efficient and scalable applications. The value of its native token is ALGO (ALGO) has risen slightly since the announcement and is currently trading around $0.145, up 6.1% from yesterday.

The UN has been exploring the use of blockchain for several years. in 2018UNDP has partnered with the Blockchain Charity Foundation to promote charitable use of this technology. Also in 2018United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres created a “High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation” focused on blockchain technology.

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