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Revaluation of cryptocurrency: when and how to pay

Paragraph 133 law 197/2022 It provides the opportunity to re-evaluate the purchase price of your cryptocurrencies. What’s it about? This is the possibility of the purchase value of your assets being recalculated as of January 1, 2023. What amount should be redetermined? At the normal value of assets held at [...]

3 tricks used by smart investors

A famous one was published in England in 1984. Advertising for Kit Kat candy bars, where a promising young band plays the demo tape in front of a bored music executive. And after eating a bar, the manager says, “You can’t sing, you can’t play, and you look awful… you’ll [...]

Cryptocurrency amnesty: is it worth using it?

habemus Budget Law 2023and with it the first attempt to classify cryptocurrencies. In a previous article, we already explained our first impression of the amnesty for cryptocurrencies. In short, it consists of the possibility of eliminating such assets from being included in past years’ tax returns. How can this be [...]

10 words you need to know

“I was feeling a little DEGEN today and bought some tokens for STAKING in a DEFI app but in reality it was a RUG PULL, now I’m REKT… so always remember, DYOR!” Someone who read these words would say: “But what language is this?!Still, such chats are not uncommon among [...]