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but what are these markers?

To approach the world of decentralized finance, we first need a fundamental element: a token that allows us to represent a fixed value To buy, sell, provide liquidity and borrow without exposing ourselves to the classic volatility that characterizes most cryptocurrencies. Not being able to directly transfer fiat currency to [...]

depegging, corsa agli sportelli e altri rischi incombenti

Quanto sono stabili le stablecoin? Crescenti dubbi sulle riserve e regolamentazioni avverse fanno presagire una possibile corsa agli sportelli. Le stablecoin stanno entrando in un periodo di grande incertezza dopo che la SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) degli Stati Uniti ha etichettato BUSD come “security non registrata,” ordinando successivamente a [...]

strong gender gap in leadership roles

Between fluidity and continuous evolution, the metaverse is still in its infancy. Yet inequalities are already tangible, especially in terms of gender dynamics. It turns out thatMcKinsey & Company’s latest reportpublished in late 2022 by an international management consulting firm and value creation within the immersive ecosystem. The data speaks [...]