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Michael Jackson’s first studio demo will be released on blockchain

In a historic initiative, the young Michael Jackson’s first studio recording, kept secret in more than fifty years, will be released on “digital vinyl” via a blockchain-based platform on December 7.
Titled “Big Boy (One-Derful Version)”, the song will be released digitally via blockchain music platform Anotherblock and will be available via the dedicated player along with master tape footage and excerpts from the song. It will be available both for free and in limited quantities for 4 days.

“Big Boy (One-Derful Version)” by Michael Jackson, NFT Limited Edition version. Source: Anotherblock

Dating back to July 13, 1967, the recording captures an eight-year-old Michael Jackson with his siblings during their first studio session at Chicago’s One-Derful.
The release is the result of a collaboration between the record’s owner, Recordpool, and the Swedish blockchain-based music and copyright marketplace Anotherblock.

The “digital vinyl” revolution

Anotherblock has already worked with other major artists like Rihanna, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber. Michel Traore, the company’s CEO and co-founder, told Cointelegraph:

“Making this drop as on-chain digital vinyl allows you to tell stories around music, create associations, and elevate it beyond just being a product.”

“Some songs, especially this one, deserve a special home where they don’t get lost in the sea of ​​hundreds of thousands of songs released every day.”Announced. “This new format gives us the ability to create more stories around music.”
He added that he was excited about this release and saw it as a sequel. “shaking up the music industry’s digital ownership landscape.”

Original demo of Michael Jackson’s song “Big Boy”. Source: Anotherblock

Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, expressed her excitement about the broadcast and said: “Recordings of our musical heritage find a new direction in the digital age. It is proof that the history of the Jacksons, like our music, is eternal.”

Translation by Walter Rizzo

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