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What does 2023 bring us?

bitcoins (bitcoin) rose 12% in June, but one forecast believes the good weather for the bulls may end soon.
Popular trader CryptoBullet acknowledged in a tweet dated July 1 that July may not offer another BTC price rally.

Trader: BTC price rally will “probably” end this month

despite a last minute discount Bitcoin managed to close the month of June solidly due to a macro event.
datas Cointelegraph Markets Expert, Trade View And Coin Glass Confirm monthly close at $30,465 on Bitstamp.

Hourly BTC/USD chart. Source: TradingView

These levels continue throughout the weekend and last month marked Bitcoin’s best June performance since 2019.
July looks even better by historical standards: throughout its history, BTC price action has never lost more than 10% this month.

Monthly returns in BTC/USD (screenshot). Source: CoinGlass

However, “common sense” for CryptoBullet requires BTC/USD to drop below some key moving averages.
“June surprised me. We closed a pretty high month: BTC tested MA50, recovered strongly and managed to recapture EMA21!” See the monthly chart.

“I can reiterate what I said: $BTC could go to $35,000 chasing liquidity, but this mid-term bullish rally is about to end. Probably this month.”

BTC/USD monthly explanatory chart. Source: CryptoBullet/Twitter

However, the concept of chasing liquidity in the $30,000 region remains in place as a theory for price continuation.
Among its followers is the trading suite Decentrader, which highlights leveraged shorts that have accumulated around $35,000 this week.

All of this is linked to Bitcoin’s massive amount of liquidity standing at over $35,000.
If we see increasing shorts, a rise to the “Moonraker” resistance at $37,000 may be reasonable.

Battle on monthly Bitcoin charts

Meanwhile, the generally optimistic Rekt Capital has called for a “healthy technical retest” for Bitcoin below $30,000 despite the monthly close.

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“BTC closed one month bullish but is poised for a healthy technical retest at ~$29250,” he says. twitter.

“While the price is currently hovering around $30,500… I wonder what negative catalyst will emerge soon to facilitate this technical retest.”

with the appendix analyzes He also argued that even if the BTC price drops below the downside target, it would not be an “out of the box” event.
“Overall, we are in a good position on the upside”Added Rekt Capital.

BTC/USD monthly explanatory chart. Source: Rekt Capital/Twitter

This article does not contain investment advice or advice. Every investment and trade involves risk and readers should do their own research before making a decision.

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