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Investors flock to new green crypto project Chimpzee – PreSale crosses $650,000 mark –

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Chimpzee is probably one of the hottest Web3 projects right now. The platform primarily focuses on charities that serve the protection of animals and the environment. The Pre-Sale has recently reached its sixth pre-sale phase. Crypto platform Chimpzee wants to change the world and enable its users and supporters to earn passive income. The project also aims to save endangered animal species and combat climate change. This will likely work out extremely well with investors. So far, the platform has earned a massive $650,000 from the pre-sale of the CHMPZ token.

The makers are planning a Web3 ecosystem that includes a Chimpzee merchandise store and a marketplace to buy, trade and earn NFTs (non-tradable tokens). On top of that, it should be a win-play game called “Zero Tolerance”. Chimpzee’s NFT Passport holders can also earn up to 20% APY return and enjoy other exclusive benefits. If you want to join the promising crypto project, you should hurry. There are two main reasons for this.

First, pre-sale traders can get a 300% bonus in CHMPZ coins if they buy before they reach $750,000 before the pre-sale. Second, with the end of the sixth Pre-Sale phase, the opportunity to purchase a Diamond Chimpzee NFT Passport that offers the highest returns and best benefits disappears. Once the $750,000 milestone is reached, Chimpzee will donate to preserve the black jaguar.

The seventh phase of the Chimpanzee Pre-Sale begins in nine days. The price of a CHMPZ then rises 4.5% from $0.00067 to $0.0007. Investors entering now can make a book profit of about 275%. Because CHMPZ is scheduled to be listed on major exchanges later this year at $0.00185. Early risers can secure their Diamond Chimpzee NFT Passports at a special whitelist event at the end of PreSales and before the platform’s public launch.

The chimpanzee doesn’t wait to save the planet

Unlike other charitable web3 projects, Chimpzee already donates heavily to environmental and animal welfare projects As of Wednesday, Chimpzee has already donated more than $35,000 to charities, helping to plant more than 20,000 trees. The project has an extensive list of organizations that will receive donations over time.

10% of Chimpzee’s total token supply will be made available to charities after the pre-sale is complete and the token is released. In this way, the project ensures that the funds continue to be used for good purposes. The listed charities will benefit partially from the profits from the sale of goods in the Chimpanzee Shop. This makes the store not only a “sell-to-buy” experience where users are rewarded with CHMPZ tokens for every purchase, but also somewhat of a “shop for donation” experience. Chimpanzee is currently ahead of schedule for the second phase of the roadmap. After completing the Pre-Sales and official launch of CHMPZ, the project team will focus on the launch of the Chimpzee store, the development of the NFT platform and the completion of the staking engine.

The NFT marketplace and play-to-win game will be developed in later roadmap stages, and Chimpzee intends to donate to charities throughout the life of the roadmap.

How high can the CHMPZ go?

The acquisition of the CHMPZ and thus participation in the Chimpzee project does not only benefit the environment. It could also prove to be a great investment for the future. Timely action investors, for example, can look forward to high profits when the CHMPZ is officially listed on exchanges. Also, the token is deflationary. First, the CHMPZ tokens used to purchase Chimpanzee Passport NFTs will be phased out. Chimpzee, on the other hand, burns the remaining tokens from each pre-sale stage.

Of course, it’s hard to say exactly how high the CHMPZ will rise without knowing exactly how many tokens will be burned. But the higher the token burn, the better for the token price in the long run.

45% of the CHMPZ offer has been blocked for public pre-sale. 10% is dedicated to trading and liquidity, 15% to marketing, 10% to development, 5% to community rewards, 5% to team (locked for 2 years) and 10% to charities as noted. There are no taxes or any other additional transaction fees on the sale or purchase of CHMPZ tokens. The Chimpzee team has been fully verified by Cyberscope, and the project, Fully audited by Solidity Finance.

Last updated June 30, 2023

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