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US Space Force official says Bitcoin is an asset of national strategic importance

The US should examine the use of Proof-of-Work networks like Bitcoin, according to US Space Force member Jason Lowery (Bitcoin) to protect the country from possible cyber attacks.

Inside four page letter Lowery, who was sent to the US Defense Innovation Board on December 2, explained that Bitcoin is today seen primarily as an innovative monetary system. But few people know that the network can be used for protection purposes “any data, message or command signals.

“As a result, due to this misunderstanding, the strategic importance of Proof-of-Work networks for cybersecurity and therefore national security is underestimated.”

The Defense Innovation Board is an independent advisory board established to bring Silicon Valley innovations to the U.S. Army. Lowery wants the committee to contact the Secretary of Defense and encourage him to explore the strategic importance of PoW systems like Bitcoin.

In his letter, Lowery explained that just as a well-armed army deters other nations from launching military attacks against the Village, a Proof-of-Work system like Bitcoin could deter hackers from launching cyberattacks due to high costs. “Proof-of-Work mirrors physical security and deterrence strategies used in other domains such as land, sea, air and space.“But he does it in the digital space,” Lowery explained.

According to Lowery, Bitcoin’s potential applications in cybersecurity are huge and could play an important role in maintaining the United States’ position as a world leader:

“Addressing this issue could be vital to maintaining the United States’ position as a global superpower and a leader among nations, especially in an increasingly digital and interconnected world plagued by security vulnerabilities.”

According to Lowery, the project could start a real revolution:

“This is the beginning of a revolution in cybersecurity. Proof-of-Work systems turn the global power grid into a large, physically expensive computer or ‘macrochip’ and use it to physically restrict malicious entities and protect a wide range of data and messages traveling across the internet.” “

Lowery concluded his letter by saying that the US Department of Defense had already “I wasted precious time”By not implementing Bitcoin and PoW networks into their arsenal.

Lowery is also a national defense researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He made an offer in March of this year cyber security tool It is at Bitcoin’s Layer-1 that he believes could significantly strengthen national security.

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