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  • Tamadoge launches 3D NFT presale on Thursday, September 14 – CoinGecko price up 25% – TAMA trend –

Tamadoge launches 3D NFT presale on Thursday, September 14 – CoinGecko price up 25% – TAMA trend –

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Web3 gaming platform Tamadoge is launching 3D NFT presales on Thursday afternoon, September 14.
Just two weeks ago the team announced the launch of staking, and a week ago a new burn program was announced. Shortly thereafter, Tamadoge coin TAMA rose 25% to $0.01086.

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The launch of Tamadoge 3D NFT presales is another major milestone for the project and provides a glimpse into future updates. NFTs will then become fully playable characters in Tamadoge games.
What’s extremely exciting: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of 3D NFTs will be burned. Tamadoge has already pre-released a number of successful games. Now the gaming platform Tamadoge is working to further promote its brand and ecosystem. It is also aimed to strengthen the local TAMA token with these measures. The team is trying to reach new players with these measures. Thereupon, new stock exchange listings are planned. Tamadoge 3D NFTs are intended to include a set of dynamic features that increase agility, power and speed within the Tama ecosystem.

100 percent of the profits were burned

There are three levels of 3D NFTs available for purchase:

Common – 0.06 ETH
Rare – 0.25 ETH
Ultra Rare – 0.60 ETH

All proceeds are burned regardless of what currency players purchased them with.

ETH purchases – Used to purchase TAMA which is then burned

USDT purchases – Used to purchase TAMA which is then burned

Ticket purchases – Used to purchase burned TAMA

TAMA purchases – All NFTs purchased with TAMA will be matched. This means burning twice the value. The doubled TAMA is sent to the burn pool and burned as part of Mega Burn promotions (more information about Mega Burns below).

The expanded burning program is intended to contribute to the token shortage. As a result, the value of TAMA increases; a win-win situation for the entire community. Additionally, with the new NFT system and pet store, players will be able to increase the level of their NFTs for free using interaction and experience points.

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3D NFT features

With the launch, Tamadoge is staying true to its product roadmap and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the Web3 gaming space. The team develops games that are well received by hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike. 3D NFTs are intended to play a key role in providing the community with a unique, captivating gaming experience.

Meet the 3D NFT Lucky Dip

Lucky Dip offers players the opportunity to acquire 3D NFTs in Common, Rare or Ultra Rare. Each of these NFT types has randomly generated attributes such as agility, strength, and intelligence. To increase the element of surprise and excitement, the features remain secret until the NFT is purchased.

Simplified payments with multiple optionsN

Tamadoge platform ensures smooth execution of transactions. There are various wallet options:

Tamadoge Wallet (Web3Auth)
Email Login (Web3Auth / Tamadoge Login)

Tamadoge offers a wide variety of payment methods, including TAMA, ETH, USDT and debit cards. There is also the option to include gas fees directly in credit/debit card transactions.

Pre-Sale and Printing

All 3D NFTs are printed at the time of purchase and the user pays for the printing.

Coming Soon: NFT staking

Tamadoge is also in the final stages of developing NFT staking. This allows users to earn TAMA rewards.

There is currently no pricing round planned and there is no time limit for the 3D NFT Presale.

Tamadoge Mystery Project #1: Bet to Win

The latest announcement of a major milestone from Tamadoge is the announcement of the third mystery project. Numbers one and two are staking and burning programs. The project’s revised marketing program also includes two recent gifts to the community. However, the dates and amounts have not been finalized yet.

Staking is very well received in the Tamadoge community. To date, 46.7 million TAMAs ​​have been deposited since the launch a week ago, with each staker earning a potential annual return (APY) of 4.3%.
The staking pool of two million TAMA tokens for rewards has been blocked. The pool is divided into four months; This translates to 500,000 TAMAs ​​per month (equivalent to approximately 216,000 block confirmations); This is equivalent to 3 TAMAs ​​per block confirmation.
Staked tokens can be withdrawn at any time. APY depends on the number of tokens staked. The amount each staker can generate depends on the percentage of the staking pool they own and the current APY.

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Tamadoge Mystery Project 2: New Incineration Program

Complementing the staking feature, the new Burn program is designed to increase the scarcity and value of TAMA. Ease of use is at the heart of everything Tamadoge brings to the table. Of course, this also applies to the Burn program. Therefore, to encourage community participation, all three burn types, their schedules, and related metrics are publicly available on the newly launched Tamadoge Burn Portal:

Major Burns:

Special promotional events are planned for the fourth quarter where a significant amount of TAMA tokens will be burned.

Community Burns:

For every TAMA token the community burns, Tamadoge will burn a corresponding amount of TAMA. Up to 5 million TAMAs ​​will be burned by November 5.

Platform Revenue Burns:

All proceeds from platform sales will be converted into $TAMA tokens and then burned.

In addition to burn plans, the burn portal also provides an overview of the number of tokens burned so far. Logged in users can also see how many TAMAs ​​they have burned. Tamadoge’s next Mega Burn is scheduled to take place in October. 10 million tokens will be burned.

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TAMA Token is on fire – the top trending cryptocurrency on CoinGecko

What probably sparked the TAMA rout was last week’s announcement of the staking and burning function. The price of TAMA has increased and is now 25% higher than it was two weeks ago. Price momentum is such that TAMA can be found in the most popular cryptocurrencies chart on leading listings and data site CoinGecko. While the cryptocurrency ranked first, daily volumes approached 1 million dollars. The cryptocurrency has been in the top 3 for most of the past week. The team’s latest announcement will likely maintain price momentum.

According to CoinGecko data, at the time of writing this article, TAMA’s price was $0.01058. Tamadoge’s TAMA token is currently available for purchase on various tier-one exchanges, including OKX and Bybit. Potential buyers can also purchase $TAMA directly from the Tamadoge website using a card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or various other options, as well as by accessing the Uniswap decentralized exchange widget available on the Tamadoge website.

Tamadoge Web3 is available in app stores

The growing Tamaverse ecosystem has released six games across two apps: five games in Tamadoge Arcade and a sixth game called Tamadoge Arena, which has its own app. A big hit for a Web3 gaming platform like Tamadoge is that apps are available in the iOS and Android app stores.

All six games have been well received by the community. Tamadoge Arena is a mobile-only game, while Tamadoge Arcade games can be played on both web and mobile devices. According to the new roadmap, two more β€œtamtasic” mobile games – Tamadogi and Tamadoge Catch – will be released before the end of this year. According to the public roadmap, the flagship Tamagotchi app is “in the works.” App users maintain their Tamadoge Pet so that one day it becomes a powerful warrior in battles against other Tamadoge Pets and turns into a valuable NFT.

Tamadoge PR 1

The main goal of the current marketing campaign is to get listed on other major exchanges. The purpose of this is to continue to grow the base of token holders and players. With the TAMA trend on major crypto exchanges, the marketing campaign is already showing success. As transaction volumes increase and awareness of the project increases, it is inevitable that other major stock exchanges will also become aware of the project. Play to win Web3 games are smart games and buying TAMA could be a smart investment in the future of gaming.

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Last update date: September 14, 2023

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