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Miner returns more than $500,000 in overpaid BTC transaction fees to Paxos

Bitcoin miner (BitcoinPerson who received a 19.8 BTC fee returned the money to blockchain infrastructure company Paxos after claiming he made a payment error Over $500,000 in BTC transfer fees.

F2Pool sent the overpayment of 19.82108632 BTC back to Paxos.

On September 10, the crypto community was stunned after coming across a BTC transaction in which they were paid approx. $500,000 commission to move about $2,000, where the average network commission is around $2. Some hypotheses have been put forward; some believed that the transaction was made by copying data and accidentally pasting a printout into the commission box without double-checking.
On September 13, Paxos announced that the transfer was made from its own server. Following this statement, the company assured its users that their funds are safe and capital is safe. they belonged to Paxos. The company also explained: PayPal did not deal with the issue and admitted that the mistake was made directly by Paxos.
About a day later, the Bitcoin miner who received the money expressed his disappointment to X (formerly Twitter) after agreeing to refund the amount to Paxos. The miner asked X’s followers what they would do in his place. majority voted in favor of distributing the money to other Bitcoin miners.
However, this recommendation was not followed. Blockchain data shared by memory poolBitcoin explorers confirmed that the funds were indeed returned today.
Thousands of dollars in transaction fees have been lost in the past. In 2019, an Ethereum user lost nearly $400,000 in Ether (ETH) after making the mistake of pasting values ​​into the wrong fields. Fortunately, Ethereum mining pool Sparkpool helped user recover half of lost funds.

Translation by Walter Rizzo

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