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Sorare for Adult Content closes successful NFT auctions

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This first trading card auctions It started with a bang: Sia Siberia, the famous cosplayer with over a million subscribers, was there.

The auctions put significant buying pressure on the DOLZ token, causing its value to increase by +35% within 2 days.

Only 300 trading cards went on sale at this opening auction.

The three legendary trading cards sold for $80,000 each (about $1100 at auction).

Moreover, the daily trading volume of the token increased fivefold, showing strong buyer interest.

A total of 985,650 $DOLZ tokens were minted in just two days.

A portion of these tokens will be allocated to the project itself to cover development costs and support its growth. The other portion will be deposited into a community vault owned by $DOLZ token holders. They then decide to burn the tokens or redistribute some of them to community members.


A second trading card auction featuring the famous Freya Mayer is already scheduled for Wednesday, June 21 at 12:00 UTC.

An auction calendar will be published detailing the weekly card releases in “Seasons” of 12 cards each.

Collectors who own all 12 cards will have special benefits that will be announced shortly.

Currently, over 70 trading cards have been produced and are up for auction.


Ongoing initiatives include that continues to help its 450,000 customers become more familiar with Web3 technology.

Additionally, plans to launch one or more highly anticipated listings of the $DOLZ token on centralized exchanges (CEX), as well as staking and liquidity supply pools on Ethereum and Polygon.


DOLZ is at the intersection of the adult industry, GameFi and the virtual reality market. Unlike most crypto projects that start with only the promise of success, the DOLZ project draws on Totem Media’s 20 years of experience and 450,000 clients.

The success of the $DOLZ token pre-sale and initial auctions confirms the strength of the project.

Richard Excoffier, co-founder of Totem explains:“We have always been a pioneer when it comes to using new technologies for our content. iStripper has resisted the rise of adult tubes by basing its business model on tubeless cards and content collection. Our success with VR Paradise confirmed our decision. Blockchain is the logical next step for us and our customers, and a very strong new growth driver for Totem.”

Useful links to Dolz on social media:

Last update 20 June 2023

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