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Author Robert Kiyosaki predicts the next real estate crisis – and advises buying precious metals and crypto –

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Author Robert Kiyosaki (“Rich Dad – Poor Dad”) sees the economic future as rather bleak. After initially prophesying the massive financial collapse, the author of the self-help book is now just around the corner with the next dystopian statement. He awaits the worst real estate crash America has ever seen. Kiyosaki recommends investing in gold, silver and bitcoin to protect your assets. However, you should know that Kiyosaki predicted a stock market crash in 2016. Moreover, the opposite happened at that time and prices rose.

Kiyosaki vs Joe Biden government – evergreen

Meanwhile, the Hawaii-born businessman blames the “communist and criminal” financial and economic system in the US for the collapse of the economy. He defines the US dollar as “toilet paper” and “fake money”.

The best-selling author has always been very critical of the Joe Biden government. But what is interesting is that Kiyosaki co-wrote a book with Donald Trump called Why We Want You To Get Rich. To put it mildly, this one is full of highly dubious financial tips, for example, you only make money if you spend a little upfront properly. Funds and savings plans are the enemy, and if you lose $100 million, that’s okay too. It is probably revealing that Donald Trump, who has so many lawsuits against him and wants to be President of the United States again, is not a friend of the Biden government.

Meanwhile, Kiyosaki continues to prophesy America’s downfall. Kiyosaki is good friends with Trump. To put it mildly, he does not respond openly or constructively to criticism of his books or explanations. The question of who Rich Dad really is and whether he really exists has remained unclear to this day.

Why is investing in Bitcoin (yet) valuable?

Robert Kiyosaki advises his followers and readers to invest in Bitcoin in addition to investing in precious metals.

BTC was the world’s first cryptocurrency and is therefore considered the “mother of all cryptos”. At the end of 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published the whitepaper, and in 2009 the first digital coins were released – still with an issue price of $0.08 at the time. A lot has happened since then. At the end of 2021, Bitcoin reached an all-time high of about $68,000. In May 2022, BTC crashed due to the Terra/Luna crash. In November 2022, crypto bad FTX went bankrupt and the price dropped again.

Regardless, an investment in Bitcoin is still worthwhile. First, BTC is the oldest cryptocurrency on the market and arguably the number one cryptocurrency. On the other hand, even if Robert Kiyosaki doesn’t like to hear it, Bitcoin is established and has long since entered the mainstream financial market.

Wall Street memes

Wall Street Memes – Because greed is good

As mentioned above, in 2009 one bitcoin cost only $0.08. Even though BTC is still a long way from its all-time high with its current price of around $26,000, investors who gave up from the start can still expect exorbitant profits. So it’s no wonder that traders and investors are always looking for the next Bitcoin – and PreSale Coins in particular have enormous potential. One project that stands out in particular from the crowd right now is Wall Street Memes. The creators of the token managed to raise approximately US$5.2 million to raise capital in a very short time. Robert Kiyosaki would probably find this quite interesting. By the way, on the Wall Street Memes homepage you can find a quote by Gordon Gecko (Michael Douglas) from the cult movie Wall Street. “Ambition is good” (Ambition is good), he said at the time.

When a subreddit brings a hedge fund to its knees

Wall Street Memes have its roots in the subreddit Wallstreetbets, the forum that succeeded in bringing the big hedge fund Melvin Capital to heel and instilling fear in Wall Street in precisely 2021. In 2021, Gamestopp company was fighting to survive and stay on the American stock market. Hedge funds bet on falling prices, but did the math without the nerds, players, and small investors. They have arranged to buy shares of Gamestopp in the Wallstreetbets subreddit. Meanwhile, someone named Elon Musk kindly fueled the whole thing via Twitter at the time. As a result, the price of the stock rose to around $300 from time to time. Hedge funds lost billions of dollars as a result and learned a valuable lesson about the power of retail investors. Meanwhile, Melvin Capital was liquidated in 2022. The Wall Street Memes project has its roots in this movement. Also in 2021, Wall Street Memes launched Wall St., a 10,000-piece limited NFT collection that sold out in 32 minutes. He launched the Bulls. NFTs currently have a base price of 0.0543 ETH on Open-Sea.

WSM: no utility – does absolutely nothing

A few weeks ago, the project launched its first crypto token, WSM. Although the breast money was of no use, it instantly skyrocketed. By the way, the team is also very open to it. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Wall Street’s Gordon Gecko became very rich by buying and selling useless stocks. The same is true for breast coins. These are essentially “useless”, but have already made many small investors rich. “Join the WSM army today and prove that greed is a good thing,” the website continues. One WSM token currently costs $0.028.

Last updated on June 8, 2023

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