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$750 million token ready to launch in December

Approximately $750 million in restricted digital assets are expected to be unlocked and released in December.
Among the projects that will release tokens, decentralized exchange dYdX will unlock the largest amount. The platform is expected to offer 150 million tokens to investors, founders and employees in December. The tokens are worth approximately $500 million at current market prices.
The tokens originally issued by dYdX were supposed to be released in February. However, in January, the stock exchange announced that the quarantine would be extended. Tokens will now be unlocked at 12:00 UTC, December 1, 2023, instead of the original release date. After the first unlock date in December, the company will issue other tokens Between January and June 2024. The official X account of the dYdX Foundation commented: “Update on coin unlocking
dYdX Trading Inc., the dYdX Foundation and certain parties to the Token Purchase Warrants have signed an amendment to, among other things, postpone the initial unlock date applicable to investors’ $DYDX tokens to December 1, 2023.”

Apart from dYdX, other projects are also planning to unlock token allocations very soon. According to token data tracker Unlocks CoinsOptimism, Ethereum’s layer 2 network, is also expected to launch 24 million Optimism (OP) tokens on November 30, worth approximately $41 million.
In addition to dydX and Optimism, decentralized financial protocol 1inch Network will issue approximately 98 million 1inch (1INCH) tokens on December 1. At the time of this writing, the value of the tokens was around $33 million.
Meanwhile, proof-of-stake blockchain project Aptos will also release a significant number of tokens: It will unlock approximately 25 million Aptos tokens on December 12 (SUITABLE) is worth approximately $180 million.

Translation by Walter Rizzo

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