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What really happened to the NFT excitement? Are Non-Fungible Tokens Dead?

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2021 was not only a year when many cryptocurrencies peaked. It was also the year when everyone was talking about NFTs and non-fungible tokens hit dream prices on platforms like Opensea. On the other hand, 2022 was not just a turbulent year for cryptocurrencies. The excitement surrounding NFTs has also slowly but surely begun to wane.
The truth is this: From groundbreaking digital artworks to virtual real estate, NFTs have ushered in a new era of asset tokenization. But how has this excitement evolved over time, and what impact has it had on the long-term prospects of non-fungible tokens?

Markets are changing, and the NFT market is changing with them

The days of spending millions of dollars on cartoon images of bored monkeys are probably over. But that doesn’t mean the NFT market is completely dead. Non-fungible tokens can also be very useful in other areas of business, such as the real estate market. Title deed records can be stored as NFT. If a property or home is sold, the NFT is also transferred. NFTs also open up entirely new possibilities in the gaming industry. For example, avatars or characters, armor, weapons or other things can be created as NFTs. In case a platform is shut down, as in Star Wars Galaxies, players will be able to keep their avatar along with all equipment. This means that an NFT is not tied to a specific game’s ecosystem.

Sell ​​NFTs

By far the biggest area in the NFT segment is gaming. This breakthrough probably came with Axie Infinity, a win-win game featuring cute fish monsters whose gameplay mechanics are a bit reminiscent of Pokémon.

But the NFT art market is not in danger of extinction. NFT artwork Human One by Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, was sold at auction for over $29 million.

Low prices – low barrier to entry.

Unlike virtual art, gaming NFTs have very low entry prices. This of course lowers the barrier to entry and perhaps also attracts people who aren’t actually that interested in cryptos.

Additionally, many NFT games are win-win games, meaning you can make money by playing or selling NFTs. For example, the most expensive Axie at Axie Infinity sold for approximately $950,000. Blockchain can be used to prove which item belongs to which owner at any given time. NFTs have now reached Web2 gaming. Publishers Ubisoft and Electronic Arts have announced that they want to include NFTs in their games.

Meme Kombat – betting game to win

Play to win is a megatrend in the metaverse, and there are always new variations of this principle. With Meme Kombat, a new platform that will conquer the hearts of gamers is now on its way. Native token MK is currently available for purchase in presale. An MK currently costs $0.225. The project managed to raise over $2.6 million in capital from early registration investors.

Gameplay of Meme-Kombat

In Meme-Kombat, players meet the faces of the most famous meme coins. Season 1, featuring the first 11 memes including Pepe, Doge, Sponge and Milady, will be released immediately after the pre-sale ends. By the way, the similarity in the name of Mortal Kombat, one of the most famous beat em up classics, is not a coincidence. Because memes compete with each other in bloody and exciting battles. Milady fights against Wojak or Pepe fights against the Doge. Players can bet on the outcome of fights controlled by artificial intelligence. Thanks to Blockchain, the results can be tracked transparently at any time.

The project is also planning larger events surrounding the fights, where larger prizes will be awarded afterward. Rewards or winnings are paid out instantly; This is another advantage of blockchain technology.

More than memes and staking – Meme Kombat Staking

But Meme Kombat is more than “just” a platform for winning bets. The native token MK has real utility. Rewards are distributed in the platform’s own cryptocurrency, and the coin can also be bought and sold on exchanges after pre-sale. MK also has a staking function and you don’t even have to wait until the pre-sale ends. Approximately 12 million MK tokens have been deposited into the staking contract so far, and they are currently generating an APY of 326%. Once the fight and betting system is launched, investors can stake their tokens and bet with them.

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Last update date: December 6, 2023

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