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UK court upholds Craig Wright’s appeal in Bitcoin rights case

An English court on 20 July welcomed appeal Craig Wrightacquired the right to assert itself in a lawsuit. Bitcoin file format open enough to be copyrighted.

Wright, who Claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin since 2016 (bitcoin) filed a lawsuit against him. 13 Bitcoin Core developers and a group of companies Block stream, Coinbase And To obstructarguing that The copyrights to the Bitcoin whitepaper, the file format, and the database rights of the Bitcoin blockchain have been violated.

Decision he knocked The February decision, which felt that Wright’s arguments were insufficient to show how the Bitcoin file format was first recorded, is a concept. known as a copyright obsession.

“Plaintiffs may find themselves unfortunate that their application has come before a judge who has at least some knowledge of the technology in question.”Reads the February resolution, refusing to object. With this week’s reversal, Wright restarts the discussion on the case.

In his July 20 tweet, Wright He wrotewithout mentioning the decision: “The legal protection of intellectual property is necessary to secure the rights of creators and innovators and to encourage the production of new ideas, inventions and creative works.”

Judgment of the Court of Appeal for England and Wales of 20 July. Source: BAILII

Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund (BLDF), the legal representative of the developers, claims HE Wright failed to prove he was Satoshi NakamotoThe alleged creator of the Bitcoin whitepaper and database.

“Wright has been claiming to be Satoshi since at least 2016 without providing the slightest evidence to support this claim”The BLDF added in a statement that Wright needed to prove that he was Satoshi Nakamoto. “before the courts decide on the three main allegations raised in the case”. The trial is scheduled for early 2024.

Bitcoin code is open source and distributed free of charge under a license from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.that means users have right to reuse the code for any purpose, even in proprietary software. However, Wright is one of the Bitcoin Core developers. “Bitcoin Partnerships”so A central entity that controls the Bitcoin network.

β€œIt seems they are trying to muddy the idea that Bitcoin development is a centralized process controlled by a few people, which is an important argument for their case.”a BLDF spokesperson told Cointelegraph.

According to the BLDF, It is extremely worrying that the UK courts are allowing their arguments to be heard. β€” not just for the crypto community, but for the entire world. “It sets a dangerous precedent that developers could be sued for violating the file format of open source software that someone else claims to have created”declared.

Translation of Matteo Carrone

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