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Thai authorities arrest 5 people involved in $27 million crypto scam

Thai authorities arrest five foreign nationals linked to a fake crypto investment platform He stole more than $27 million from local investors.

According to the initial report by Bangkok Post, Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) Thailand arrested Four Chinese and one Laotian are accused of orchestrating a fraudulent investment scheme. He cheated more than 3,200 locals.

CCIB launched an investigation with the help of the operation Homeland Security Investigations Affected investors will be notified by late 2022 that U.S. and other international law enforcement agencies,

5 of the perpetrators were arrested He was charged with collusion for transnational crimes, public fraud and money laundering.

Thailand’s Attorney General’s Office began prosecuting the suspects in August 2022, before the Anti-Money Laundering Bureau seized the defendant’s personal assets worth 585 million Thai baht.

Kissana PhathanacharoenCCIB spokesperson disclosed that among the scams reported in the country: Investment programs continue to cause the most financial damage. Victims invested their life savings in these schemes or mortgaged their homes or properties.

In January 2023, the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission issued new requirements For virtual asset service providers in the country to increase investor protection and protect user funds held by custody providers.

As Cointelegraph recently reportedscammers target users MetaMask Using government website URLs to trick victims into accessing their crypto wallets.

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