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Tamadoge launches Android app – can TAMA price explode 30x? –

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Tamadoge, the number one Web3 Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming platform, made a big announcement this week that will likely greatly accelerate the platform’s growth again. Last Wednesday, the team announced that Tama Arcade Gaming Suite is now available on Android mobile devices via a new app. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. This may mean that there can be many new users of the platform from both web2 and web3. The first positive customer reviews have already arrived. For example, one user announced on Twitter that he was already “addicted”.

The web3 gaming ecosystem has just begun. Players can purchase and upgrade their own non-tradable token (NFT) pets in Tamaverse. In Tamadoge Arcade, players can compete with each other in trendy retro arcade style games and win real crypto prizes. Depending on how well they rank on the leaderboards. Tamadoge combines it all in a cute Shiba Inu meme with a cool 90s retro pixel look.

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The platform uses decentralized blockchain technology, allowing players to take ownership of their in-game assets – unlike Web2 Games, where players are more or less at the mercy of developer studios. In addition, the blockchain makes the game safe and transparent, as anyone can understand everything at any time. By integrating smart contracts and using NFTs, players can collect, trade and buy digital assets such as pets more easily than ever before. Here is a direct link to Tamaverse:

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Tamadoge – the bridge between Web2 and Web3

From the beginning, Tamadoge focused on the gaming platform that kind of bridges the Web2 world and the Web3 world. Play to win games remain one of the most popular industries in the crypto world. Web3 games potentially offer gamers much more than the Web2 game world; such as making money with a hobby and real ownership of gaming assets.

However, this is of little use if no one has access to the games to play them. With the launch of the Play-to-win arcade games suite on mobile, Tamadoge has taken another big step towards mainstream gaming. In addition, Tamadoge has managed to simplify the registration process because Web3 wallets can be a bit daunting for crypto-savvy players. This is why Tamadoge collaborated with Web3Auth. Players only need an email address to sign up. Then you can start gambling at Tamadoge Arcade.

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Tamadoge to the Moon now?

The price of TAMA, the native icon of the web3 gaming ecosystem, has dropped quite a bit over the past few weeks. By mid-April, amid the hype surrounding ByBit’s Tier 1 crypto exchange listing, the coin had seen a massive increase of almost 4x. The latest TAMA/USDT rate was $0.014. That’s about 65% off from April highs and more than 90% off from its all-time high shortly after the stock’s debut. Here the price was around $0.20. Pre-sale buyers who own the coin from the very beginning can still look forward to making a profit. The issuance price of a TAMA during the Tier was 0.01 USD.

There is also the possibility of listing more Level 1s. These can raise the TAMA price again. The Tamadoge team urged the community to “hold on for more exciting updates” on this front. However, what can really get TAMA “to the moon” is the team’s effort to deliver the roadmap on time.

The launch of the Tamadoge Arcade smartphone app may be followed by the launch of the Tamadoge Pet Store. There you can buy cosmetic products for pets. What is important for TAMA owners here is that the pet shop includes a built-in burning mechanism. The equivalent of 10% of all purchases will be burned, further tightening TAMA, which should increase the price in the long run. Elsewhere, Tamadoge has announced a new partnership with studio 24Play to create the platform’s first 3D game.

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Meanwhile, listing Tamadoge on larger exchanges can provide a significant free marketing boost, opening up a broader market of potential buyers.

TAMA facing a 30-fold explosion?

Tamadoge’s market cap is currently around $30 million. That’s roughly 0.003% of Dogecoin’s $10 billion market cap. Many observers believe that the benefit of TAMA is much greater than the benefit of, for example, SHIB or DOGE. TAMA is the native icon for Tamaverse, powering a rapidly growing gaming web3 ecosystem.

Here’s a little mind game: Let’s say Tamadoge can reach 5% of Dogecoin’s current market cap of around $9.9 billion. Then its market value would be around $500 million. The token price of a TAMA would then be approximately $0.5 (with a supply of just over 1 billion tokens available). That’s more than a 30x leap over current levels. This isn’t an unrealistic price increase, given the huge user base the new platform has built up before launching its mobile app.

Tamadoge already attracts more monthly users than the two embedded Web3 metaverses, Decentraland and The Sandbox combined. In the last 30 days, Decentraland and The Sandbox have only 2,740 and 4,580 active wallets respectively, while Tamadoge currently has over 35,000 monthly users. Some observers believe that the gaming ecosystem could skyrocket to more than 5% of Dogecoin market cap thanks to the huge Total Addressable Market (TAM).

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As the Tamadoge team explained in a recent blog post, Tamadoges Arcade has already attracted a wide range of potential gamers, including crypto fans, gamers, and NFT war horses (thanks to the NFT component). According to Statista, the mobile gaming market could surpass 2.32 billion users by 2027.

Last updated on June 9, 2023

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