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Solana rejects CertiK’s “inaccurate” report on Saga phone security flaws

Solana Labs says the latest video by blockchain security company CertiK makes a series of claims “wrong” About a potential vulnerability in Solana’s Saga phone.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on November 15, CertiK claimed that the Saga phone contained a passcode. “critical vulnerability” known as “unlock bootloader” This attack would allow an attacker to install a hidden backdoor into the phone.

We are sharing a tweet about X by — CertiK (@CertiK) 15 November 2023

Have you ever wondered what the security of your Web3 devices is?

Our latest research reveals a significant vulnerability in Solana Phone’s bootloader; This is a problem not just for this device but for the entire industry. Our commitment to improving safety standards is ongoing. …

In report sent to Cointelegraph, CertiK claims that the bootloader has been unlocked “It allows an attacker with physical access to the phone to install custom firmware that contains a root backdoor.”

“We have shown that this can compromise the most sensitive data stored on the phone, including private keys to cryptocurrencies.”We read it in the CertiK report.

However, a spokesperson for Solana Labs told Cointelegraph that CertiK’s claims are false and that the video does not reveal any legitimate threat to the Saga device.

“The CertiK video does not reveal any known vulnerabilities or security threats to Saga owners.”

documentation Inside the Android Open Source Project, it has been shown that bootloader unlocking can work on a wide range of Android devices.

Solana Labs said that to unlock the bootloader and install custom firmware, an attacker would have to follow several steps, and this could only be accomplished after unlocking the device with the user’s password or fingerprint.

“Unlocking the bootloader wipes the device, and users are warned multiple times when unlocking the bootloader, so this is not a process that can happen without active participation or awareness from the user.”Solana Laboratories said.

Additionally, if someone proceeds to unlock the bootloader on an Android device, they will be notified with a series of warnings about the results of the process.

If you do not pay attention to these warnings, your device will be deleted along with its private keys.

The Solana Saga phone was released in April 2022 with a price tag of $ 1,099. The phone offers a native Web3 decentralized applications store for integrating crypto applications into the technology hardware.

Sharing a tweet about X — Solana Mobile (@solanamobile) 9 August 2023

We introduced Saga in April with a clear vision: putting Web3 in your hands. We continue to work to bring more people into the ecosystem and drive the mobile future of Web3. Today we’re dropping the price of Saga to $599.

Over the past four months, Saga users have adopted:

However, four months after launch, Solana reduced the price to $599 due to strong price growth. to reject of sales.

CertiK did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Solana Labs’ denial.

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