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SEC will submit a response to Coinbase’s legal defense on July 13

According to a court order published Thursday, June 29, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will submit its response to Coinbase’s first legal defense on July 13.
In a legal filing, the SEC introduced requests an additional three working days to the court. Extra time asked to give SEC time Write a reply to the letter sent by Coinbase, the accused. The defendants accepted the request.
The previous deadline for submitting the SEC’s response to Coinbase’s letter, pursuant to Rule 4(A) of individual court rules, was July 3, 2023. However, Judge Katherine Polk Failla approved the SEC’s request for additional time and set a new date for July 13.
Additionally, the court rescheduled the pre-trial briefing as a preliminary motion briefing, shifting the original date from August 24 to 14:00 UTC on July 13. A pre-trial briefing is a request submitted to the court by the prosecutor or defense attorney. make a decision on a particular issue before judging.

Screenshot of the SEC’s letter to the court requesting an extension. Source: CourtListener

Meanwhile, Coinbase recently introduced A letter to the court, dated June 28, 2023, requesting permission to seek a hearing on grounds under the Federal Code of Civil Procedure 12(c). The appeal was filed in response to the SEC’s complaint. Previously, Coinbase also had a reply 177 pages to the complaint 40 days before the August 7 deadline.
In the context of a motion to decide on reasons, a judge’s power to examine other documents submitted in the case, including the defendant’s response to the complaint. In its response, Coinbase included a comprehensive “Preliminary Statement” outlining its legal arguments for dismissing the case, thus providing the judge with important material to consider.
Coinbase responds to SEC complaint to dispute That a significant portion of the tokens cited in the SEC lawsuit are outside the jurisdiction of the commission.

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