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Sandbox crashes while Domini ($DOMI) stays on solid ground

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DAO ($CRV) was the victim of a massive attack in early August 2023. While recovering its value has been challenging, Sandbox ($SAND) was also caught in the flash market crash that began around August 17. As established coins like this come under pressure, unique projects emerge. Dominican ($DOMI) worthy of consideration. However, before discussing why Domini ($DOMI) might be a worthwhile investment, let’s look at whether Curve DAO ($CRV) or The Sandbox ($SAND) are currently available cryptocurrencies to buy.


Curve DAO ($CRV) struggling to recover after $62 million attack

On July 30, 2023, Curve DAO ($CRV) suffered a hack and lost approximately $60 million in assets, which significantly affected its market position. After this event, the price of $CRV fell 15.2% from $0.72 to $0.61 as of August 10. However, Curve DAO ($CRV) gained support from the wider crypto community when Binance invested $5 million in Curve DAO ($CRV) on August 10 to stabilize the platform. Despite this support, the price of Curve DAO ($CRV) fell from $0.61 to $0.45 between August 10 and September 1, recording a massive 26.2% drop. This downtrend coincided with the overall market crash in mid-August and contributed to the currently prevailing negative market mood of the Curve DAO ($CRV). This market sentiment, combined with the negative signals from the Curve DAO ($CRV) moving averages, suggest that the price may continue to decline in the coming days.

Not only is Curve DAO ($CRV) affected by the effects of the current market environment, Sandbox ($SAND) is struggling as well.

Sandbox ($SAND) declines despite positive developments

On August 14, 2023, The Sandbox ($SAND) saw a sharp increase in the value of network transactions, trading over $100,000 in value. This indicated that the demand and popularity for The Sandbox was increasing. However, a sharp market plunge soon followed and even leading altcoins suffered serious losses. Sandbox ($SAND) seems to be caught in this mid-August market drop. The price of $SAND fell 23% to $0.30 on September 1 from $0.39 on August 14. It is possible for The Sandbox ($SAND) to continue this negative momentum as the moving average indicators show a strong sell signal that could hurt the platform in the coming days.

While established projects like The Sandbox ($SAND) are struggling with the challenges of the current market, the innovative Domini project ($DOMI) could be a promising cryptocurrency to buy.

Domini ($DOMI) could be a smart choice in a bearish market

Dominican ($DOMI) bridges the gap between the traditional art market and the emerging world of NFT. Instead of sticking to the traditional model of physical artworks, Domini ($DOMI) makes it possible to obtain digitized versions of these artworks at a fraction of the cost. These digital assets and ownership rights are converted into NFTs and secured on the blockchain. Because these digital assets can be fragmented, they can be owned by a wide variety of people. In this way, Domini ($DOMI) allows its users to easily create a diverse and dynamic portfolio. Users can also purchase shares in other users’ assets in the Domini ($DOMI) market. Historically, the art market has had an average return of 7%. Domini’s ($DOMI) increased presence in this space could yield significant gains in the long run. In the near term, investors may also benefit from Domini ($DOMI) as the project is currently on pre-sale. Currently, Domini ($DOMI) is in beta for pre-sale at $0.0021. The goal is to push the price to $0.0154, which could potentially bring huge gains of up to 633% to traders. Investors who invest in Domini now also have the opportunity to receive a 10% bonus on their deposits when they use the promo code ‘DOMI10’.

You can find more information about $DOMI here:

Visit Domini Pre-Sale | to the Dominican community

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