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Mark Cuban lost $870,000 after his hot wallet was hacked

Almost $900,000 cryptocurrencies were emptied from one of the hot wallets Mark Cuban, billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

give upHe was the first to spot the hack around 20:00 UTC on September 15, after highlighting suspicious behavior in one of Cuban’s wallets, with whom the 65-year-old, an independent blockchain researcher, had not interacted with for nearly five months.

Lmao, is Mark Cuban’s wallet empty?

Wallet has been closed for 160 days and all assets have just been moved

— Wazz (@WazzCrypto) September 15, 2023

Second Transaction history on Etherscan, such as different asset tranches US Dollar Coin (US Dollar), Bond (USDT) And Lido Stack Ether (stETH) was suddenly withdrawn from the wallet within 10 minutes.

To add complexity to the problem, $2 million in USDC was also withdrawnwas sent to another wallet, leading Wazz to suspect Cuban of moving the assets.

But after a few hours, Cuban confirmed to DL News that he was logging into MetaMask for the first time in months and vaguely suggested The hacker or hackers may be watching and waiting for the moment of attack.

Cuban added that he transferred all remaining assets to Coinbase CustodyHe confirms that he made the $2 million USDC transaction. As for the hack, unlike the hackers who observed Cuban’s activities, community members He must have done something to cause a security breach.

Some have suggested that Cuba might Accidentally signed a malicious transactionWhile others claim to have his private key put in dangerbecause the funds were transferred directly from the wallet.

Speculation on how Mark Cuban was hacked. Source: X

This isn’t Cuban’s first foray into the crypto market.

In June 2021, Cuban lost, in his own words, an unspecified amount of capital. “rug pulling” afterwards Demir Financecrashed due to an algorithmic stablecoin project Allegation of attacking the bank.

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