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LastPass continues to fall victim to data breach

At least 25 people would see it $4.4 million worth of cryptocurrency disappeared from nearly 80 walletsDue to a data leak in 2022 affecting the popular password storage software LastPass.

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Most, but not all, victims were long-time LastPass users and/or verify that they store their private keys and/or seed words in LastPass,” Monahan said in a report Published on Chainabuse.

“Another ~$4.4 million was siphoned off from 25+ victims following the LastPass attack on October 25, 2023 alone.

I cannot stress this enough: If you think your private keys or seed phrases are stored in LastPass, move all your crypto assets immediately.”

In December 2022, LastPass was compromised by a hacker A company employee was targetedstealing credentials and decrypting stored customer information. A backup of the company’s database containing encrypted user information was also stolen: such data can be decipheredIf the hacker was able to detect the master password of the account.

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Inside September blog postJournalist Brian Krebs reported: some of the encrypted customer data was decrypted: Over $35 million in crypto was stolen from approximately 150 victims because of this.

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