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Is it better than Pepe Coin? This meme money is the new hype –

The list of memecoins is long: is it time for Wall Street memes?

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It came out of almost nowhere and turned the meme money universe upside down overnight. Of course, we are talking about Pepe-Coin, which is probably the best coin climber of the year. In mid-April, the price of PEPE was still at $0.000000055142, and at the beginning of May, the price of the meme coin rose to $0.00000431. Currently the price is $0.00000116 — about 2.010% higher than April’s all-time low and about 72% lower than its all-time high. So if you hit PEPE in time, you can still look forward to a big reward.

What is Pepe Coin actually?

Pepe-Coin Token is a classic meme coin based on the popular internet meme Pepe the Frog. The coin was launched in April 2023 and the utility is quite manageable, just like the information on the homepage. However, none of this diminishes the popularity of the coin. Pepe is deflationary and the number of pieces is limited. The team behind the coin is anonymous and mostly uses social media platforms to promote PEPE. Meanwhile, the project does not charge any transaction fees.

Avda SEC – the hour of meme coins?

The American Securities and Exchange Commission SEC is currently hunting down crypto exchanges and cryptocurrencies by declaring them securities and suing Tier 1 exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. Cardano, Solana and Polygon felt the effects. Neo-broker Robinhood, for example, has already removed the coins from the offer. Meanwhile, German investors need not worry. The regulatory chaos the SEC is currently enacting affects only the US market. BinanceUS has already taken action and has stopped all US dollar transactions. In the US, BinanceUS is now just a cryptocurrency exchange.

As a laughing third party, meme coins can very calmly face lawsuits from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Because most prank currencies have no or very manageable utility. It would therefore be extremely difficult for the SEC to declare them as securities.

Nipple coins truly live and the great power is their community. In the first place, of course, is Dogecoin, the “father of all memes”, and “Dogearmy”, led by “Dogefather” Elon Musk.

No benefits matter – Investors flock to WSM

Another currency that plays at the top of this league is WSM. The token has just been launched by the Wall Street Memes platform and is already outpacing other tokens in its presale speed. Within 10 days, the project was able to raise approximately US$4 million to raise capital. It’s currently over $6 million. The Wall Street memes community, or WSM token, counts over 1 million people, and the trend is growing. As the team has repeatedly emphasized, WSM is of no use. “Greed is good” – this excerpt from the movie Wall Street can be found on the project’s homepage. In the movie it actually comes from Gordon Gecko (Michael Douglas), who gets very rich by selling useless stocks. Same with meme coins. These are essentially “useless” – and yet many small investors became millionaires overnight thanks to the prank currencies. The website continues, “Join the WSM Army today and prove that greed really is good.”

The Wall Street Memes team is no stranger to the crypto universe. In 2021, Wall Street Memes will feature Wall St. Bulls released the NFT collection. The base price is currently 0.0541 ETH on Open Sea.

Wall Street bets – against David Goliath or small investors against hedge funds

Wall Street memes have their roots in the famous subreddit, Wallstreetbets. Back to the Past: In 2021, Gamestop company was struggling to survive and stay on Wall Street (i.e. the American stock market). However, many hedge funds, including Melvin Capital, have bet against exactly that. But they did not take into account the small investors, players and nerds who counterattacked. To do this, they agreed to buy the stake in the Wallstreetbets subreddit, and in some cases increased the price to $300. Neo-broker Robinhood has become known for his rather dishonest role. Because it restricted the selling of shares from one day to the next – and a shitstorm immediately broke out on the broker, whereupon he backed down and allowed unlimited trading again.

Meanwhile, the community achieved its goal. Gamestop was “recovered” and the hedge funds lost an enormous amount of money. The losses were so great at Melvin Capital that the hedge fund had to be bailed out. Meanwhile, the company was later liquidated in 2022. It was all enthusiastically fueled by Twitter at the time – Elon Musk, who had already twice interacted with Wall Street memes on the text messaging platform and provided a tremendous boost to the pre-sale.

Last updated on 11 June 2023

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