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FTX suspends user accounts over Kroll’s cyber breach concerns

After the final Kroll attack, FTP extensionbankrupt crypto exchange, affected users’ accounts are temporarily suspended accessing the complaints portal.

FTP extension he declared The decision on X (formerly Twitter) was taken as a proactive measure aimed at preventing future accidents or further damage following the recent attack.

In response to the Kroll attack, FTX took action to temporarily freeze affected users’ accounts on the customer claims portal. We appreciate your patience and we’ll let you know more about next steps when the time comes.

—FTX (@FTX_Official) August 25, 2023

In response to the event; users are strongly advised not to change their request or change the accepted plans. FTX stated that all claim data sent through the Kroll portal remains secure and valid.

Kroll — responsible for claims and notifications of pending bankruptcy proceedings by FTX — has been the subject of a breach; Non-sensitive data of plaintiffs involved in bankruptcy case exposed. As an answer, Kroll assured FTX of handling and overseeing the situation. FTX later confirmed these assurances, confirming that the breach had no impact on the security of account passwords, internal systems, or financial funds.

Kroll informs the affected directly about the measures to be taken. FTX explained that Kroll doesn’t care about FTX account passwords and its internal systems are not touched.

But blockchain analyst ZachXBT confirmed this Some phishing emails are starting to arrive to FTX customersclaims that his personal data may have been compromised.

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