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Exploits, hacks and scams stole nearly $1 billion in 2023

According to a report shared by blockchain security firm CertiK, in August alone, malicious actors operating in the crypto space stole more than $45 million in digital assets and a total of $45 million from their victims. 997 million dollars year-to-date (YTD).

In the report, Certificate underlined in August 2023 Exit scams embezzled nearly $26 million to the victims, Flash loan attacked $6.4 million Them abused $13.5 million. The cybersecurity firm confirmed that the total loss amounted to: Over $45 million.

The main events that occurred in August. Source: CertiK

CertiK noted that among the main events contributing to the lost amount were: Attack on the Zunami Protocolcausing loss 2.2 million dollars, Full Protocol exploittook it out $7.3 millionAnd withdrawal event PEPPER (PEPPERcausing losses for $13.2 million.

According to CertiK, More than $997 million lost in 2023 due to exploits, hacking and fraud. Among them, approximately $261 million was lost in flash credit attacks, over $137 million in exit scams, and over $596 million in exploits.

Although the losses in August are still high, the amount is quite low compared to the losses in the previous month. As of July 2023, there was a total loss of approximately $486 million in Web3 data throughput. De.Fi, with Multi-Chain exploit This alone contributed about $231 million to the total amount lost.

Due to various factors, July 14 Multi-Chain Officially announced the suspension of its activities. The quoted team Lack of funds for operations and lack of alternative sources of information as reasons for closure. According to the team, the CEO could not be contacted because he was detained by the Chinese authorities.

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