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Ethereum launches new “Holešky” testnet allocating 1.6 billion ETH to developers

Ethereum developers on September 15 they started a new testnet. Call “Holesky”The network will be used for the following purposes: Staking, infrastructure and protocol development. Sepolia will continue to be the dominant network in application development.

Hello Holesky, new Ethereum testnet

Read the details below#cryptonews #ETH

— Amy Kols Network (@Amyykols) September 14, 2023

Second Tim BeikoEthereum developer Holešky on launch day future An initial amount of 1.6 billion was distributed to validators Holešky testnet Ether (HETH) to initialize the network. This represents 10 times the amount of Ether (ETH) is available on the mainnet. Beiko says developers feel comfortable producing this amount because “le devnet [utilizzano] 10 billion supply on a regular basis”.

In the past, Goerli testnet used to test new staking, infrastructure and protocol developments. Goerli is the oldest operating Ethereum testnet, launched in 2018. In October, protocol developers started work. to complain of truth Goerli had too little ETH to adequately meet his testing needs. Given the initial wide availability of HETH, Holešky will help mitigate this problem.

Since the launch of Sepolia in 2021, the Ethereum team has been urging application developers to migrate from Goerli to Sepolia, leaving only those belonging to the protocol on the legacy network. The team plans to cut Goerli in January 2024. According to the documents, after disposal Goerli will be maintained for another year and then completely closed.

Since Ethereum developers have an ambitious roadmap ahead of them, Holešky could have many benefits. They plan to implement proto-danksharding, danksharding And Other functions they believe will reduce commissionsIn addition to solutions such as verkle trees, aims to make managing a node cheaper. Each of these features will need to be tested on a testnet before being implemented on the mainnet.

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