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ECB president explains how his son lost money investing in crypto

Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank (ECB) and well-known critic of Bitcoin (Bitcoin), have shared the story The result of an unsuccessful investment in cryptocurrencies.

At a meeting at Frankfurt city hall on November 24, Lagarde told a group of students how her son had disappeared “Almost all“Investments in crypto despite constant warnings: “He completely ignored me, which was absolutely his right. [Ma] He lost almost all of the money he invested.

The ECB president did not disclose the amount his son lost, but underlined that it was not a very high figure:

“When I talked to him about it again, he reluctantly admitted that I was right. […] As you can see I have a very low opinion about cryptocurrencies […] People are free to invest their money where they want and to speculate as much as they want. [ma] They should not be free to engage in trade or activities subject to criminal sanctions.”

Lagarde is known in the community for her anti-crypto stance. ECB president in 2022 requested these cryptocurrencies”they have no value“because beings”not based on anythingHe also explained that it is unlikely that central banks of various nations of the world will start holding BTC in 2021.

Although critical of cryptocurrencies, Lagarde is a strong supporter of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) concept. Digital euro in April 2023annoyed“To control the payments that citizens can make.

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