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Cryptocurrencies for the bear market: Is this the hour for pre-sale coins? –

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The crypto universe is not going to calm down right now. Last year, the Terra/Luna crash and the bankruptcy of crypto exchange FTX shook the crypto world. Now, with the SEC suing the largest crypto exchange Binance, the next crisis is just around the corner. Accordingly, Bitcoin and Ethereum prices fell. BTC fell 4.62% and ETH fell 3.4%. Bitcoin is currently trading at around $25,000 and ETH at around $1,800.

Is the crypto world sinking now?

Of course, cryptocurrencies will not disappear from the scene. Digital currencies are already very firmly anchored in the mainstream financial market for this. Cryptos are popular as an alternative investment and speculation object. But right now, the crypto market seems to be turning from bullish to bearish. Such estimates are by no means certain. After all, cryptocurrencies are volatile. But what you should always keep in mind: Every crypto winter is always followed by a crypto spring – even if it sometimes takes a little longer. However, there are coins that are relatively unaffected by the market development. These include PreSale Coins, i.e. tokens that are not yet listed on official exchanges.

Why can it be valuable to invest in PreSale Coins?

To answer this question, you need to go back a bit in time. In 2009, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be released. At that time at an issue price of US$0.08. It took a while for the hype around BTC to kick in, for a long time the digital currency was mostly number one for geeks and geeks, but when it started it was huge. Everything then culminated in an all-time high of around $68,000 in November 2021. Bitcoin is a long way from that right now, but at the current price, investors who have been holding their BTC from the very beginning can still expect a huge profit. So it’s no surprise that investors are always on the lookout for a new Bitcoin – and that’s where the potential of PreSale Coins lies.

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Potential pre-sales

Crypto projects and Web3 startups often hold so-called pre-sales (i.e. pre-sales) before the coins go on public sale, that is, before they are listed on one or ideally several crypto exchanges. On PreSale, coins can be purchased by investors at a cheaper “entry price”. The purpose of such a pre-sale is to raise increased capital for the project. Most of the new crypto projects serve trending topics such as eco-topics like this one. Freelance work like recycling project Ecoterra or DeeLance to earn.

It is read over and over in PreSales that the teams behind the project are verified by Coinsniper or similar platforms and the contract code is checked. The project aims to build investor confidence. The so-called “carpet pulling” occurs again and again, where scammers steal investors’ money. The most notable event in the recent past was Squid Game Coin, which scammers got away with for $3.38 million.

If a team can be verified by Coinsniper, their address data and ID card copies are stored there. If the contract code is verified, it means both the code is secure and a blockchain exists. For example, with the crypto scam One Coin, there was no blockchain at all. – meme coin with AI

Another big topic trending in the crypto space is artificial intelligence. Blockchain and AI are, so to speak, “A Match made in Heaven”. The Meme-Coin project (another crypto trend) combines AI with an evergreen internet: memes. Thumbnails are now an indispensable part of internet communication. At you can create your own funny and customized memes with the artificial intelligence meme generator. These can then be posted to the platform’s public dashboard. The community then votes for the best memes and prizes in the form of AI coins are awarded to the winners. With this, is inventing a new genre in the Metaverse with Meme-to-Earn. The native token of the platform is artificial intelligence. This is deeply embedded in the ecosystem.

Record-breaking Pre-Sale

If there was one pre-sale that left all the other coins in a cloud of dust, it was All pre-sale stages were sold out in a very short time. Until the AI ​​is officially listed on exchanges this year, the coin can still be purchased for $0.0000336. The pace of pre-sales alone shows that AI has enormous potential.

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Wall Street Memes – No utilities will work

However, there is a cryptocurrency that is on its way to surpassing artificial intelligence. This refers to WSM, the crypto token of the Wall Street Memes project. In just 10 days, the creators managed to raise around $4 million to raise capital – and that’s for a coin that actually has no use. By the way, the team is not keeping it a secret.

meme coin trend

If there is a second hot crypto trend besides artificial intelligence right now, it is meme coins. It all started with Pepe, the frog coin, then prank currencies like Milady, TURBO or Sponge, and now WSM. Wall Street memes have their roots in the Wall Street Bets movement. This association of nerds, gamers and small investors knocked out two hedge funds with Gamestopp stock in 2021 and taught Wall Street scares. It’s not in vain that the project’s home page says “Greed is good”. This quote is from the cult movie Wall Street. Said by Gordon Gecko (Michael Douglas), who makes a fortune with stocks that are actually worthless in the movie. Same with meme coins. The prank currencies actually have no value and yet they have made many small investors rich. “Join the WSM Army today and prove that greed really is all good,” the website says.

Meanwhile, the makers of the WSM coin are no strangers to the crypto universe. In 2021, Wall Street Memes released the 10,000 limited edition Wall Street Bulls NFT Collection that sold out in 32 minutes.

By the way: Elon Musk, who has been declared a meme money fanatic, has already interacted with the project on Twitter. A WSM currently costs $0.0274.

Last updated on June 6, 2023

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Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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