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China plans to tighten regulations on the launch of productive AI tools

The Chinese government is considering introducing additional regulations for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) with emphasis on content control and licensing.
According to an article published today Finance TimesThe China Cyberspace Administration (CAC) plans to introduce a system that would require local companies to obtain a license before releasing productive artificial intelligence systems.
This initiative is a tightening the draft regulation This gave companies 10 business days to register the product with the authorities after it was released.
Sources told the FT that the new licensing scheme is expected to be incorporated into the regulations, expected to be released later this month.
April draft also provided Mandatory to verify the security of artificial intelligence-generated content.
In the draft, the government said that all content must “include core socialist values” and “not undermine state power, advocate the overthrow of the socialist system, provoke the division of the country or undermine national unity”.
Cointelegraph has reached out to the CAC for comment, but has received no response as of publication.

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Chinese e-commerce and technology companies Baidu and Alibaba launched their AI tools this year, with the latter rivaling popular chatbot ChatGPT.
Both companies have been in contact with regulators in recent months, according to sources reported by the FT. adapt their products to new provisions.
In addition to the consequences already outlined in upcoming legislation, the draft also states that Chinese authorities hold technology companies that create AI models fully responsible for any content created using their products.
Regulators around the world have called for regulation of AI-generated content. In the United States, Senator Michael Bennet recently prepared a letter Tech companies developing technology to identify AI-generated content.
Vera Jourova, Vice-President of the European Commission for Values ​​and Transparency, also told the media recently that she believes there should be productive AI tools with “the potential to generate disinformation.” tag the generated content to stop the spread of misinformation.

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