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Chimpzee’s campaign to save the Black Jaguar was a hit

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Last year, a notable trend emerged in the cryptocurrency market: A large number of startups are used primarily for ecological or social purposes. Despite the inherently democratic nature of the crypto industry, teams recognize the potential of decentralized technology to unite people for positive causes. As a result, several projects have tailored their solutions to admirable goals.

chimp is a perfect example of such a project. It offers a system that combines pleasure and profitability while encouraging users to contribute to animal and environmental projects. The project is currently in the pre-sale phase.

He is also running a campaign to save the Black Jaguar. Read about the campaign and the project here.

Memes, eco-friendliness and NFTs: Chipmpzee has it all

Chimpzee is an initiative that aims to address pressing issues such as wildlife conservation and climate change while providing users with the opportunity to earn passive income. To support these goals, the project team donated 10% of the token supply and part of the profits to dedicated organizations. Additionally, Chimpzee plans to create an ambassador and community outreach program funded by the project’s resources, as awareness-raising and funding are important for conservation projects.

Chimpzee offers a wide range of powerful features such as earn by playing, shop by winning, and trade by winning to fulfill your mission. These features allow users to earn rewards while actively contributing to the project’s goals.

Black Jaguar Rescue Campaign

The chimpanzee is known for its altruistic campaigns, and tree planting campaigns in the past have been a huge hit and have done the world a favor while also offering many bonuses to attendees.

The new campaign to save the black jaguar looks like it could do more for the animal as it is just over €200,000 away from the goal of helping the people of Yawanawa protect the black jaguar. If that doesn’t convince you to take a look at the pre-order, maybe the current features in the Chimpanzee ecosystem will.

What’s in the chimpanzee ecosystem?

Chimpzee offers a wide variety of features that are sure to appeal to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with a particular focus on the Chimpzee Store, NFT Marketplace, and Zero Tolerance Game. While there are other features, these three stand out as important aspects to consider.

The Chimpzee store is different from a typical online marketplace and acts as a central hub for a variety of goods and commodities. Conversely, the NFT marketplace allows users to buy and sell NFTs and offers the opportunity to earn passive income through a certain percentage of the platform’s transaction fees.

Players can earn CHMPZ tokens by reaching certain milestones in the unique Zero Tolerance Game, which supports the principle of zero tolerance for any abuse towards nature and the environment. To optimize passive income in the Chimpzee ecosystem, Chimpzee NFT Passport holders will gain access to additional benefits that lead to the accumulation of more CHMPZ tokens. Below we outline the steps involved in purchasing a Chimpzee NFT Pass.

Additionally, Chimpzee plans to launch a mobile app that uses AI technology to create personalized Chimpzee AI avatars. Users will have the opportunity to create their own distinctive Chimpanzee avatars through this innovative mobile application. It will be available after the pre-sale.

Join the pre-sale and don’t forget to buy the tickets after the pre-sale

Chimpzee has built its ecosystem around the CHMPZ token, which serves as the primary currency for all platform features and rewards. Users can use this token for various transactions in the ecosystem and receive rewards in the form of CHMPZ tokens. There are 40 billion tokens for pre-sale, and any unsold tokens are eventually burned.

Currently, Chimpzee is actively running a pre-sale and the token is currently priced at $0.000625. The price is then raised to $0.00064.

Chimpzee NFT Passes will be available after pre-sale. However, there is an important point to note, that only pre-sale level 1 investors can purchase the Chimpzee Diamond NFT Pass. After the event, there will be a whitelist event for these individuals before their NFT Passports go public. If available, the public can purchase Diamond NFT Passports.

The regular NFT Pass will also be available after the pre-sale – but again only for pre-sale traders. There will also be a whitelist event here, and if there are any left, the public will have the opportunity to purchase them.

Only those who participate in the first round of pre-sales can purchase the Chimpzee Diamond NFT Pass. When CHMPZ Coins are used to purchase Chimpzee NFT Passes, they are burned, which can reduce the total coin inventory in circulation by up to 10%.

After the pre-sale, the Chimpzee team will focus primarily on securing listings on various exchanges and further developing the technical aspects, including the development of the Chimpzee store, NFT coin platform and staking engine.


Chimpzee has the potential to transform the way individuals view participation in crypto ecosystems by showcasing how cryptocurrencies can be used to benefit all living things beyond purely financial considerations. It has a significant impact on the crypto market and has the ability to pave the way for socially conscious projects. It’s important to keep track of the chimpzee’s progress. Consider joining the promotion and be sure to check out the pre-sale.

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Last updated June 25, 2023

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