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ChatGPT plugin works for Hedera network

Between Chat GPT And hedera (HBA extension), there has been a convergence between the native cryptocurrency, blockchain and Hedera network. artificial intelligence (THIS). taking advantage decentralized features of blockchain networks, ChatGPT can securely interact with the Hedera networkaccess tools such as Hedera Reconciliation Service, Hedera Token Service And Smart Contract Services.

on Twitter, the developer Ed Marquez provided instructions for creating the pluginfocuses on token balances of Hedera accounts. According to Marquez, users can view their account balances via a web explorer or retrieve them programmatically through the Rest application programming interface (API) of the mirror node the plugin will use. HBAR information is rotated in tiny bars (tℏ), where 100,000,000 tℏ represents one ℏ.

Accounts in Hedera are stored in the ledger containing tokens, including HBARs, multiple tokens and non-fold tokens created in Hedera.

It has users and enthusiasts. #ChatGPT at home? ‍♂️

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create #additions #ChatGPT interacting with @hedera

It will be useful for those who want to take advantage of its power.#TO WHO with #blockchain

happy coding

— Ed (@ed__marquez) 23 June 2023

Thanks to the plugin ChatGPT integration with Hedera network allows you to receive HBAR and token balances from Hedera accounts. This integration simplifies the interaction between ChatGPT and the blockchain, making asset tracking and management easier for users.

Once the plugin is developed and the API is up and running, users can install the plugin in the ChatGPT UI. Users can then interact with ChatGPT to get information about HBAR and token balances associated with their Hedera account. The plugin will request Hedera’s mirror node Rest API to get the required information.

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Blockchain technology ensures verifiability and integrity of AI-generated content. Users can microtransactions, access premium content, and participate in tokenized economies without worrying about high fees or delays.

also opens the door to its development. decentralized applications. These applications can take advantage of the strengths of both technologiesto create decentralized marketplaces, collaborative platforms and rewarding user contributions.

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