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Three reasons why Bitcoin defends the $30,000 support

Bitcoin price gave up some of its recent gains this week. However, few data show that $30,000 support will likely continue. bitcoins (bitcoin) remained in a narrow range of 4.3% for about two weeks. Despite the narrow gap between $29,895 and $31,165, investor sentiment was negatively impacted by the failure [...]

Bittrex may face legal action in Florida after bankruptcy

Florida Office of Financial Regulatory considers to initiate enforcement proceedings against BittrexThe US-based crypto exchange filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May. In a document filed July 5 in the United States District of Delaware Bankruptcy Court, Brandon GreenbergFlorida Office of Financial Regulatory (OFR) Assistant General Counsel, Announced government [...]

Denmark orders Saxo Bank to remove its cryptocurrencies

Danish financial regulators oppose cryptocurrency service providers, saying that local banks are not allowed to hold cryptocurrencies to hedge against commercial risks.On July 4, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA) formally ordered local investment bank Saxo Bank will divest its crypto assets.Referring to section 24 of the Danish Financial Activities [...]

Crypto Firms Won’t Leave US Despite Apparent Hostility

According to the CEO of blockchain analytics firm Merkle Science, the US will not lose its appeal as a crypto hub despite recent rumors to the contrary.In recent months, a series of hostile regulatory actions targeting cryptocurrency companies in the United States has caused many industry executives to look elsewhere.Despite [...]

Cinque aspetti da tenere d’occhio questa settimana

Bitcoin (BTC) apre la prima settimana di luglio con un sospiro di sollievo per i trader, grazie alla tenuta del supporto di 30.000$.La price action di BTC si rifiuta di soccombere ai ribassisti a seguito dei guadagni del 20% registrati nel secondo trimestre, con i timeframe settimanali e mensili che [...]

What does 2023 bring us?

bitcoins (bitcoin) rose 12% in June, but one forecast believes the good weather for the bulls may end soon.Popular trader CryptoBullet acknowledged in a tweet dated July 1 that July may not offer another BTC price rally. Trader: BTC price rally will “probably” end this month despite a last minute [...]