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China proposes to integrate its social credit system into the metaverse

China is reportedly considering implementing a system similar to the social credit system in metadata and other online virtual worlds.
There is a POLITICIAN reported On August 20, state-owned telecom company China Mobile submitted a bid. Digital Identity For all metadata arrays and online virtual world users working with “natural features” and “social features”.
According to the proposal, “To ensure order and security in the virtual world”, the ID will contain a set of personal information and identifying elementsIt suggests that such data, including a person’s work, will be permanently stored and shared with authorities.
A “trouble user who spread rumors and wreaked havoc on metadata” was described as one of the benefits of the system provided: the digital identity would allow police to quickly find and punish the person.
The offer reflects: Chinese social credit systemAn infrastructure in development that scores and ranks citizens according to various parameters, designed to optimize behavior. It has also been a law enforcement tool.
in 2019 Associated Press He reported that in 2018, authorities blocked social offenders from buying plane tickets 17.5 million times. Other social offenders were punished by being banned from buying train tickets 5.5 million times.
On July 5, China Mobile presented the proposals in talks with the Metaverse focus group organized by the United Nations communications technology agency, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Join us in Shanghai on July 4-6 for our #metaverse focus group, then hold a forum on July 7 and participate in key pre-standardization efforts.
With international #standards, we will be able to create global access to information and technology for the #metaverse for the benefit of all, everywhere.

The metadata working group will meet again in October, when proposals can be voted on.
If you approve, can greatly impact telecommunications and technology companiesAs the ITU metadata group intended developing new standards for metadata store services.
According to a collaborator from the group POLITICO consulted, Chinese companies participating in the working group offer much more metaverse than those in the United States and Europe.
The group said China is “trying to play long-term” so that if its use becomes widespread, its recommendations will set the standard for metadata.

Imagine a metadata environment where identity protocols are created and monitored by Chinese authorities. Every government will have to ask itself the question: “Is this the kind of immersive world we want to live in?”.

Translation of Walter Rizzo

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