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Arkham CEO Denies Allegations About ‘Snitch To Win’ Program Alleging It Helps Catch Malicious Operators

The head of blockchain intelligence platform Arkham has denied the crypto community’s claims that the new “Intel Exchange” is a “whisker to win” or “dox to win” system.
In a July 11 Twitter Space, Arkham CEO Miguel Morel discussed the evolving issue this week regarding the marketplace.
Arkham’s Intel Exchange aimed to “anonymize the blockchain” by rewarding users with a new token, ARKM, for revealing identities behind otherwise anonymous blockchain addresses. Token sale launched this week on Binance Launchpad.
The platform was built quickly many criticisms Crypto is referred to on Twitter as a “paid spying” system.
Morel disagreed with these allegations and justified it by claiming that the platform was designed to catch the scammers and hackers behind cryptocurrency exploits.
“Public blockchains are probably the worst way to keep your private information private”He stated before adding that Arkham would retain control of the data:

“This is not a completely free market. No one can publish any information and then put it on the Internet.”

“There are a number of restrictions and guidelines to apply”added.

I will be attending @MarioNawfal’s CryptoTownHall at 14:45 UTC to openly discuss Arkham and our new Intel-to-Earn ecosystem.
We see them!

Morel said the main purpose of the information exchange is to identify trading companies, market makers, exchanges and large institutions.
These large hedge funds and trading establishments “Monetize from insights into who is buying and selling large positions of a given coin”.
Another Twitter Space contributor pointed out that Arkham has a responsibility to prevent abuse, and can facilitate false accusations made by so-called “crypto detectives”. Morel, however, argued that it would be appropriately managed.

“Fortunately, it will be more vetted and more streamlined than something like Twitter or Facebook, because any award has to be approved.”

This caused TV presenter Ran Neuner to be even more concerned and said: “My problem is not the system, my problem is your company that manages the data”.
This week, Arkham was accused of doing just that. leak User emails via referrer program links that contain an easily decipherable string of characters that reveal the referrer’s e-mail address.

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