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An easy and risk-free way to make money with DeFi

“The ultimate guide to earning 10,000 Euros a year, working 5 minutes a day, risk-free and even if you don’t have the capital to invest!”

While it may sound like the name of one of the many scam ads you read online, it’s a perfect synthesis of what we’re going to teach you in the next few lines. In fact, there are certain exceptions. Winning under these conditions is not only possible, it has been happening systematically for several years..

The date was September 1, 2020 when Uniswap, the most important platform for cryptocurrency exchange, announced the launch of its token and decided to distribute it to its users for free. So all of a sudden, $500 million was created.equivalent at the time of release approximately $1,400 per user: Up to $20,000 worth at the peak.

Over the years, this “airdrop” has been followed by many other projects – so-called in the jargon: Optimism, ENS, Blur, Aptos and finally Arbitrum are just a few of the projects that have given millions to their users.

So what are the reasons behind this generosity and how should we seize these opportunities? To answer, we must analyze three aspects: what, why and how.


Not all airdrops are the same: it would be naive to think that creating a cryptocurrency is enough and expect it to have value. All the cases mentioned above relate to projects that manage billions of dollars of transactions every day, or that are backed by hundreds of millions of investments or can count on thousands of users. In fact, the value of an airdrop is proportional to the well-being and importance of the underlying project.

From where

While the airdrop is a way of thanking those who supported the project, it should also be understood that it is a brilliant financial and marketing operation. You attract new users in a jiffy and above all you pay the team and the investors., which pockets a significant slice of the issued tokens. The second is a no less important feature: let’s remember that no one is doing anything for nothing, and at a certain point both categories will try to monetize the tokens received, which will cause significant selling pressure and increase in volatility.


Let’s start with the fact that each project decides on its own rules and usually only introduces them later. Therefore, there is no definitive list of actions to take: instead, the goal of participating and using the services of the project in question should be determined.. For example, we can:

  1. use the application or the blockchain;
  2. follow social channels;
  3. make as many transactions as possible;
  4. if you have capital, pass it through the platform, using it even several times;
  5. use apps that are part of that ecosystem;
  6. check for active partnerships and also use partner services;
  7. join so-called testnets, i.e. test the service before it starts, report problems.

It is a list of very simple actions that have a common denominator. participate in the life of the project. What is rewarded is not the availability of capital, but rather consistency: a few minutes a day is really enough, and if repeated over time, it could qualify us for an airdrop.

As a result, it is possible to get an airdrop even for a few thousand euros: the problem is that it takes preparation and patience. First of all, the selection of projects to focus on is very important.therefore, the aspect that probably makes the most difference is the work: it allows us to find the best deals while avoiding many of the scams that exploit people’s desire to get these fictitious free tokens.

Alberto Cuculachi is an entrepreneur, popularizer and university professor in Marketing and Business Development. He has been following the blockchain world since 2013 and founded his YouTube channel DeFi Talks in 2021. It has reached more than half a million people in more than 100 different countries through its channels in the past year. Today, he is engaged in creating useful educational content and tools to make the world of crypto and DeFi accessible to all.

Alessio Vilmercati is a 22-year-old investor and DeFi enthusiast with a Business and Management degree. In 2022, he obtained his Blockchain Technology & Management certificate at the Blockchain Management School in Rome. Predominantly in the world of DeFi, Alessio devotes himself to reviewing dApps every day, looking for new opportunities every day. As an open supporter of this technology and its future application in the traditional world, DeFi Talks collaborates with the YouTube channel.

Federico Chironi is a 23-year-old trader and DeFi enthusiast with a Business Administration degree; He then chose to continue his education with a Master’s degree in Blockchain Technology and Management at the Blockchain Management School in 2021. He has been studying and investing in the blockchain world, especially in the DeFi sector, since 2020. Decentralized Finance, which will bring it in the coming years, has recently been doing outreach activities on the subject in cooperation with the YouTube channel DeFi Talks.

Luigi Travaglini is a popularizer and technical advisor in the cryptocurrency industry. He intersects with the crypto world between 2014 and 2015, then becomes passionate and never breaks himself off. Combining his academic career with a long technical study in the field of blockchain, he started to provide training and assistance services in 2018.

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