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AI would prefer Bitcoin to centralized cryptocurrencies

According to Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s chief technology officer, if humanity merges with artificial intelligence in the future (AI), bitcoin (bitcoin) may be the currency of choice for responsive AI.
Ardoino detailed this hypothetical fact in an interview with Cointelegraph reporter Joseph Hall during the PlanB Summer School in Lugano, Switzerland.

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Ardoino believes that The decentralized nature of the Bitcoin protocol makes it an ideal choice for AI should it adopt a digital currency in the future.:

“I think AGI will definitely choose Bitcoin.”

AGI or artificial general intelligence refers to an artificial intelligence that can learn to complete an intellectual task that humans can perform. The advent of major language learning models like ChatGPT has opened the door to potential. AI and AGI to overhaul many industries and radically change the way people perform various tasks.

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Ardoino believes that the future of humanity may include the merging of humans and artificial intelligence through bionic elements and “augmented brain capacities.” He pointed out that Elon Musk’s Neuralink project is a prime example of efforts to explore the possibility of enhanced cognition through artificial intelligence technology.
Pointing to movies like The Matrix as popular representations of what an AI-driven dystopian future might look like, Ardoino suggested: AI would easily choose Bitcoin over centralized currencies:

“A machine will always choose something completely decentralized that no one can control. If machines have to pay for electricity to run, they will always use something humans cannot control, and I think they will use Bitcoin.”

Tether, chief technology officer of Tether, the company behind the largest US dollar-backed stablecoin by market capitalizationUSDT), also suggested that AI would not use USDT due to its centralized nature.
According to Ardoino, The probability of a future in which humanity coexists with AI in any form may be as short as 20 or 30 years.. However, this could be driven by a different focus on reverse aging rather than incorporating artificial intelligence and bionic elements into humans to enhance their physical and mental abilities.

“The future tells me that we are moving towards augmented intelligence, which will result in artificial intelligence being mixed with ordinary brains. Perhaps this is the future of humanity.”

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, named the AI ​​ecosystem as one of the best. great investment opportunities, given its “destructive” nature. Mid-year outlook report of S&P 500 earnings increasingly concentrated in a small circle of tech stocks.
Interview, part of a documentary coin telegram will be published soon.

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