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$7.8 billion lost in Ponzi and crypto-related pyramid schemes in 2022

according to a report published from 28 June TRM Laboratoriesblockchain intelligence company A total of $7.8 billion was spent on cryptocurrency pyramid and Ponzi schemes in 2022. Also, according to TRM, others $1.5 billion in cryptocurrencies spent on the darknet for illegal activitiesand more $3.7 billion in crypto was lost due to hacking or exploitation.

In total, $9.04 billion cryptocurrency sent to financial scam schemes, according to TRM Labs. Despite the collapse in crypto money prices due to the ongoing bear market, it seems that there has not been a slowdown in crimes related to the sector. The company wrote:

“Investment scams often focus on raising funds for fraudulent investments or projects involving fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs), unregistered securities, or fraudulent investment platforms. Scams involving cryptocurrencies increased by nearly 200%, up from $907 million in 2021 to $2, It rose to $57 billion by 2022.”

Researchers, I Top 10 Ponzi and pyramid schemes related to cryptocurrencies They calculated approximately 54% of the total amount. Also, about 40% of the total volume of active scam plans in 2022 was on Tronespecially via Tether (USDT) released on the blockchain from 17% in 2021.

The main Ponzi schemes in the cryptocurrency industry prosecuted in 2022 were: Bait And Trade Money Club. Forsage attracted investors with the promise of high returns through water contracts. Ethereum And BNB Smart Chainalmost happening $974 million by investors through two associated organizations. Meanwhile, Trade Coin Club is declaring high returns on the cryptocurrency exchange and $295 million from over 100,000 investors before it crashed.

Both companies have been sanctioned by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Cryptocurrency spending on darknet markets in 2022. Source: TRM Labs

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