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Vodafone trusts Cardano – Launchpad pre-sale continues

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German mobile phone company Vodafone plans to release a series of NFTs on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain. This NFT Collection should be published within this year. This emerges from a post by Vodafone’s Discord channel and a tweet from the company.

Cardano has been able to do a few things over the past few days. positive developments Register. While the trading volume of the DeFi network has risen sharply, many other DeFi blockchains have stumbled or grown very slowly. The Cardano course also managed to develop properly. An ADA token is currently trading at $0.29.

Vodafone, “Community, sustainability and cross-chain possibilities” The NFT collection is scheduled to be released later this year. No exact date is yet known as to what kind of non-fidelity tokens they should be and what applications and benefits they should have. However, the first 1000 members of the Discord channel should have access to the collection.

Vodafone trusts NFT platform NMKR

When did the first rumors appear? NFT platform NMKR He posted a screenshot of Vodafone’s Slack Chat on Twitter. NMKR is said to be responsible for printing NFTs. The rumors were finally confirmed on June 29, but it has not been confirmed that Vodafone will actually be working with NMKR.

Initially, Vodafone only wants to focus on Germany. However, the company plans to include international members of the community in the future. No one should be excluded from the project. Although it is not clear exactly what the purpose of NFTs is, Vodafone aims to create real value for Vodafone customers.

Possible impact on ADA course

This news could have a positive impact on the development of the ADA course. The fact that one of the world’s largest wireless companies chose Cardano over one of many competing blockchains like Ethereum sends a strong signal. so they Expectations in the Cardano community high.

Although it cannot be assumed that 31 million Vodafone users In Germany it will now jump on the blockchain and NFT train. Still, these concepts are being presented to a wide audience and draw more attention to Charles Hoskinson’s blockchain. It also shows the crypto community that big players trust Cardano and there may be reasons to prefer this blockchain over Ethereum.

This could further increase the ADA price. It had shown a good 7 percent gain in the last 24 hours and was therefore stronger than other major coins in the same period. At the end of the last week of June, the crypto market is in good shape overall, which benefits Cardano price. It’s not 100% clear how many of these percentage points can be traced back to this news.

Launchpad pre-sale continues

In the meantime, interested parties can continue to participate in the pre-sale. An LPX token, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, is currently available for purchase for $0.0445. Later, the price is raised to $0.046. Launchpad’s goal is to provide an all-encompassing Web3 platform to create. Features include trading cryptocurrencies and NFTs, as well as being able to print your own NFTs. Blockchain games will also be integrated in the future.

Launchpad is still under development, Sale of LPX token used to finance the project. It should then be usable for other applications such as staking or paying trading fees. The LPX token can be purchased with Ether (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance Coin (BSB), and credit card.

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Last updated June 30, 2023

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