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Optimismund Cosmos stumbles upon ($DOMI) proving to be a durable alternative –

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Optimism ($OP) experienced a significant price decline between August 6 and August 20, 2023. A similar story occurred for Cosmos ($ATOM), which lost significant value between August 11 and August 20. As these leading cryptocurrencies fade into the background, ($DOMI) could grow exponentially.

But before we dive deeper into ($DOMI), let’s take a look at Optimism ($OP) and Cosmos ($ATOM) to determine the best crypto investment.


Optimism ($OP) collapses after BASE Network attack

On August 6, Coinbase announced that its newly launched BASE network, built on the Optimism ($OP) chain, had been hacked. This backdoor contract exploit led to a loss of $1 million.

Following this news, the price of Optimism ($OP) dropped 12.3% between August 6 and August 20, falling from $1,676 to $1,470. This negative share price performance was accompanied by a similar 12.5% ​​decline in market capitalization from $1.20 billion to $41.05 billion over the same period.

The recent bearish trend of Optimism ($OP) can be attributed to the waning investor confidence and increasing uncertainty regarding the safety of Optimism ($OP) after the attack. On August 20, the EMA 50 and MACD Optimism ($OP) suggested that the bears were gaining control.

Despite the negative news, experts hoped that the Optimism ($OP) price would recover in the coming days, but as of September 3, the price continued to fall to $1.34.

Does Cosmos ($ATOM) show a similar scenario? Let’s find out.

Cosmos ($ATOM) failed to start the bull run

On August 11, Cosmos ($ATOM) announced that its Cosmos Hub will receive a v11 upgrade that brings several improvements to the blockchain. This news will help Cosmos ($ATOM) in the long run by increasing its user base and utility. Additionally, Cosmos ($ATOM) Momentum 10 and CCI 20 levels on August 20 indicated bullish potential.

Despite positive news and technical indicators, Cosmos ($ATOM) price fell 7.3% from $8.38 to $7.77 between August 11 and August 20. This downward trend was accompanied by a similar 6.9% drop in market capitalization from $2.90 billion to $2.70 billion over the same period. Starting on August 20, the price of Cosmos ($ATOM) continued to fall and reached $6.83 on September 3.

The recent downtrend of Cosmos ($ATOM) can be attributed to increased market volatility and increased competition among top altcoins.

In addition to the negative price action, Cosmos’ MACD and VWMA 20 ($ATOM) signaled a potential downtrend. Based on current indicators, analysts believe that the bears may gain control in the coming days.

However, both of these cryptocurrencies will face declines and volatility heading into September, while ($DOMI) is expected to post massive gains. ($DOMI) investors benefit from 340% price increase during pre-sale ($DOMI) is a marketplace that bridges the gap between traditional art and technological innovation. The platform aims to democratize access to high-quality premium art using disaggregation. Users can own some of the prestigious artworks, expanding the accessibility of unique artworks.

The platform integrates blockchain and tokenized artworks into trending NFTs, ensuring maximum transparency and security. In addition to providing investment services, ($DOMI) also advises investors. ($DOMI) provides personalized recommendations to investors based on extensive market research.

Additionally, token holders enjoy additional benefits.’s ($DOMI) token is an ERC-20 token with a deflationary burn mechanism that reduces the supply over time thereby preserving the coin’s value.

Token holders can receive different tier memberships depending on the tokens they hold, offering special privileges such as personalized recommendations and priority customer service.’s credibility ($DOMI) is evident through its coverage in reputable publications such as MarketWatch and BENZINGA. So, if you want to take advantage of substantial profits, join ($DOMI) now to take advantage of a huge boost from $0.0021 to $0.0154 during the pre-sale only.

More information on the pre-sale of ($DOMI) can be found here:

Last update date: September 10, 2023

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