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Chimpanzee is fast approaching US$ 1 million – now get a 125% coin bonus –

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If you still want to secure one of the most generous crypto pre-sale bonuses on Web3, you should hurry. Focusing on philanthropy while allowing its users to generate income, fight climate change and save animals, Chimpzee is currently offering pre-sale investors a massive 125% bonus on purchased tokens. However, as can be read on the project’s website, this bonus will no longer be available as of August 1st.

Chimpzee is a groundbreaking crypto platform that enables its users and supporters to earn passive income while rescuing animals and tackling climate change. The platform will also include a store where Chimpzee products are sold, an NTF market for trading and a win-win game called “Zero Tolerance”.

Nearly $1 million raised to fight climate change and save animals

The project is currently on the verge of raising $1 million in capital through the sale of the native crypto token $CHMPZ, which is also the economic backbone of the platform. Upon reaching this milestone, the project has committed to burning 50 billion CHMPZ tokens. Burning unsold tokens is an important part of the project’s pre-sales structure. Currently, the Chimpzee Pre-Sale is in its eighth phase, the second of two so-called “Gold” phases where participants will also acquire the right to issue a Chimpzee NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Gold Passport for 750,000 CHMPZ Tokens. as soon as the pre-sale ends.

These Golden Passport NFTs not only offer their holders several benefits in the Chimpzee ecosystem, but also a pretty impressive 18% return. The CHMPZ price will increase 10% from $0.000775 to $0.00085 when the pre-sale enters the ninth phase within 10 days.

Progress on the Chimpanzee Roadmap

As the pre-sale heats up, the Chimpzee team is working hard behind the scenes to bring the platform’s ecosystem to life.
The project has recently unveiled the NFT Chimpzee Gold Passport, which will feature eight different designs. And Chimpzee lives up to its name as a Web3 charity project. The project recently donated $20,000 to the WILD Foundation to support efforts to save the black jaguar. Previously Chimpzee already had 1,200 trees in Brazil And 20,000 trees planted in Guatemala together $15,000 donated to save elephants. Chimpzee has an extensive list of organizations the project plans to donate to. they can Here to find.

Shop-to-Earn Chimp Shop: A Quick Look at the Coming Soon T-Shirt

The team will likely sneak a peek at the t-shirt designs they plan to sell at the Chimpzee store soon. The listed charities are intended to benefit from a percentage of the profits from the sale of merchandise in the Chimpanzee Shop. This means that the store is not only a “shop to win” experience where users are rewarded with CHMPZ tokens on every purchase, but also a “shop to donate” project.

After completing the Pre-Sales and launching the CHMPZ, the project team will focus on opening the Chimpzee store and developing the NFT platform and staking engine. The NFT marketplace and play-to-win will be implemented in later roadmap stages, and Chimpzee will make charitable donations throughout the roadmap implementation.

Description of CHMPZ deflationary tokenomics

CHMPZ could be a great addition to any crypto investor’s portfolio, thanks to the coin’s deflationary tokenomics. CHMPZ tokens used to purchase Chimpzee Passport NFTs will be burned. In addition, Chimpzee will burn the remaining tokens from each Pre-Sale phase and the next major burn will take place on Wednesday, July 19th.

Of course, it is difficult to make accurate predictions about the future price of the token, as it is not clear at this stage how much of the remaining CHMPZ tokens will be burned. 45% of the CHMPZ offer has been blocked for public pre-sale.
10% is dedicated to market and liquidity, 15% to marketing, 10% to development, 5% to community rewards, 5% to team (locked for 2 years) and 10% to charities as mentioned. However, we can easily say that the more tokens burned, the more positive impact this will have on the token price in the long run. With big crypto influencers like Michael Wrubel (who has 300,000+ YouTube subscribers) and Jacob Crypto Bury already popularizing the project behind them, who knows how high the CHMPZ can go? There are no fees or additional transaction fees for selling or purchasing CHMPZ tokens. The Chimpzee team is fully verified by Cyberscope and the project is fully security audited by Solidity Finance.

Last updated date: 26 July 2023

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