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Chiliz Chain Introduces One Shirt Donation Initiative

Sports-focused blockchain ecosystem Chiliz will partner with Common Goal to launch the One Shirt Pledge charity auction. The auction will run from August 26 to September 2, 2023and will allow users to bid on some jerseys worn by sports legends such as Giorgio Chiellini, Victor Osimhen, Juan Mata, Cristian Romero, Jermaine Jenas and many more.

Attempt A Shirt Commitment started March of this yearWhen Chiliz invites players to donate the jersey they wore at one of their matches. Many champions responded to the call, creating their own kits and they’re recording a video where they explain the heirloom’s meaning and the reason chosen within the main Common Goal action areas.

This will also be a major milestone for the tech world: These jerseys will actually be the first physical objects whose authenticity can be verified through the Chiliz Chain, a Tier-1 blockchain designed specifically for the sports industry. in total About 30 items will be on sale. Most of these will be Equipped with NFC chipThis will allow winners to verify the authenticity of the object and access the exclusive video recorded by the athlete.

Chiliz and Common Goal’s goal is to leverage new technologies to make tangible impact in critical areas such as racial justice, mental health, gender equality, LGBTQ+ participation, climate change and relief efforts for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of ChilizHe commented on this:

“Chiliz and Common Goal share the vision that technology and sport can be a powerful driver for positive social change. By offering the first physically verified memorabilia on Chiliz Chain, we not only raise funds for Common Goal causes, but also attract new supporters. Partner The goal is to leverage traditional fan activities such as memorabilia by leveraging blockchain technology.”

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